Pruthviraj Ranavade


"Pruthviraj has a penchant for technical studio lighting for fashion, which is very well reflected in his imaginative ways of outdoor shoots in beautiful natural light. His proficiency with adjusting different lighting conditions, pre-production and post-production, coupled with commercial and edgy, artistic fashion photography add quirks to his style."

aving conducted major editorial shoots with class-leading magazines such as Verve, Femina Pune, and Gladrags, Pruthviraj has captured some iconic fashionistas including Adhuna Akhtar – B:Blunt, Neha Dhupia, Masaba Gupta, Aparna Badlani–Atosa. Pruthviraj prides himself on several interesting catalogue and lookbook shoots with brands and designers including B!witch lingerie, Jaya Mishra, Shikha Valecha, Saimah Shaikh, Dimple Gyanchandani, Atechi- By Shrutika Gupta, Renvoyer by Shivani Kasaundhan, The Style Door by Aishwarya Jain, Accessory designer- Nikita Kamath and many more concept shoots with established and eminent stylists and experimental designers. Furthermore, he has to his credit some amazing fashion portfolio shoots, which ushered the way for promising debutantes and reputable models to the next level in their respective fashion realms.
ORTA 18-93 Photography for Mumbai-based Fashion Photographer Pruthviraj Ranavade, wasn’t a mindless indulgence or some form of recreational avocation; it was a means of channeling expressions amassed from years of experience. Pruthviraj saw it as a flarpath through which he could put his stories of the fashion realm out there in the world. A gamut of fashion and beauty shoots helped Pruthviraj find in him the heart and mind to pursue his artistic endeavors. This journey from being a corporate big wig with a keen interest in photography to mastering his craft of photography and the ultimate graduation towards taking it up professionally has been long and interesting. PORTA 18-93 Photography is “A doorway to a world of new possibilities” for all collaborators.Pruthviraj has a great connect with top modeling agencies, stylists & make-up and hair professionals, which give him the leverage to conduct all types of photoshoots for different production houses.

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